3.0.Pick Rules
3.1.Minimum 15 picks/month with Description / Preview
3.8.Picks with description are counted for this competition (~50 words in English – do not Copy-Paste).
Updated: 0d 1h 12m
# Tipsters All picks Won Lost Average odds Profit
# 1Netherlandselgin8853342.03461.33
∼ 2North Macedonialakers5031172.03336.44
∼ 3North Macedoniatonac5036141.81284.34
# 4Albanianistaone261861.84185.02
# 5North Macedonialucifermorningstar4330131.65168.64
# 6Portugalvieira211741.48133.72
∼ 7Indiavije13763.11130.69
# 8Polandscorpio181621.37127.29
∼ 9Bulgariaantaeus4727202.03120.81
∼ 10Romaniapiratu86201272.01112.83
∼ 11Cameroonflyingeagle6341191.5593.34
# 12Bulgariasoccerfan141131.6088.90
∼ 13Ukrainetoures4824212.0484.57
∼ 14Switzerlandnipi2917121.9465.58
# 15Kenyamzoghori241771.5150.60
# 16North Macedoniaspkutano13941.7446.58
∼ 17Bulgariatoptip2xr1105.0040.00
∼ 18Bulgariapetkoff251491.9037.97
∼ 19Bulgariadeni502110112.4132.28
∼ 20Kenyanawoo10641.8724.08
∼ 21Italyspap961101.3612.96
∼ 22Bulgarialiverpool161051.5712.76
# 23*Internationalussinsider1101.3011.40
# 24Hungaryfaan5411.389.25
∼ 25Indiayuvrajchavda2112.193.68
∼ 26Serbianikolasrb934222.030.86
∼ 27Lithuaniawtrylika4826191.760.16
∼ 28Indonesiavictory145021232.01-6.29
# 29Germanyshaysenberg6421.39-10.60
# 30-Africabestofbeast3211.33-13.20
# 31Romania000ver1013.20-15.00
# 32Tunisiakamww2111.39-21.35
# 33Serbiadrzakladjenje1012.26-22.00
∼ 34Polandarthur005232.01-27.12
# 35Kenyasalahsyh2xr5143.26-30.40
# 36Ukraineyatsik813034.00-37.00
# 37Spainjennybrack8761011.30-38.00
∼ 38Ukrainemakar512775231.84-42.42
∼ 39Greecebetodimos8441.60-56.75
∼ 40Cyprusexpertwin2312111.77-57.23
∼ 41Kenyasalahsyh4131.82-65.60
∼ 42Bulgariatoptip15681.90-71.70
# 43Norwaybest2210121.89-86.27
∼ 44Netherlandsgvdw258132.13-125.11
∼ 45Azerbaijanxose122791321292.02-168.16
# 46*Internationalhunter4016242.07-170.41
# 47Bulgariaivantsochev8940451.99-177.44
∼ 48-Europeanramsam319151.97-181.09
∼ 49Moldovaigariok10133102.04-183.40
# 50Bulgariaquqi6324362.24-187.54
# 51Ukrainemaksimus289151.86-197.26
∼ 52Nigeriayusuf4babies3616141.51-225.92
# 53Vietnamzhinfuncvn5015261.95-227.45
# 54Bulgariared1zone9546481.90-262.34
# 55*Internationalhamkam2701211432.20-263.14
∼ 56-Europeanbaran3612241.98-311.59
# 57North Macedoniaportaltip9040502.14-312.22
# 58Romaniahovi225117991.78-348.34
# 59-Europeananar8114660852.07-508.31
24 comments to Standings
  • salahsyh  says:

    Why do you reply emails so late

    • Bettors Club  says:

      As you can imagine, you are not the only tipster and there are a lot of messages to answer. And we already answered you and you sent again the same problem.

  • red1zone  says:

    Hello,can I ask you about my bet for Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers.
    My bet is win for Portland Trail Blazers and the result is 109:123 for Portland.
    In my account now I see this bet is void.
    Can you check this. Thank you.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      It’s void because your preview is useless. If you don’t have anything useful to say, play at Without Preview.

      • red1zone  says:

        Thank you, I will try to be better next time.

  • substone365  says:


  • red1zone  says:

    Hello, i have got a little problem with my bet for Bayreuth – Crailsheim. The odds is wrong, will be better if this bet will be invalid.

  • zexy1990  says:

    Hi guys,anyone to support me ,I think if we have multi payment methods here it will be fine as we see Skrill is closing services to many countries ,to my opinion I think Bitcoin is good.

  • nedaxx  says:

    Hello,why my bet on Dyn. Kyiv vs Ferencvaros cancelled?

  • lorente14  says:

    When do we get paid prizes ,this is my first time to win please help.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      It says in the news section at Tipster Competition for that month: “The prizes will be rewarded this month…”

  • deni50  says:

    Why can”t l make predictions ?! Why are you blocking me ?!

  • zhinfuncvn  says:

    I received my prizes. thanks

  • alcuni  says:


    Please advice what does it mean “~” and respective “#” in front of the table position?

    • Bettors Club  says:

      ~ means that the tipster has Pending results. Also when the statistics are made the prizes will be given only to a # which has all results added in the competition month.

  • salahsyh  says:

    If I have won the prize, where do I have to post my details in order to receive the prize as I haven’t received any email?

  • victory14  says:

    Hello, thank you for the prizes of August 2018 (BC-TC). Great success

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