Tipster Competition – Active

The Tipster Competition – See Standings
The winners will be announced in the News section or here.

Real Money Prizes offered by Bettors.Club!

In this month we will give away to the Best Tipsters prizes up to €500. The participation is FREE and prizes will be rewarded in the tipster’s Skrill account.

This is the main tipster competition that is hosting, but tipsters can also participate in other active tipster competitions that may be hosted on the site. The rules are the same, but with some differences in the way we choose the winners. Here are the differences:

1st place – €200 Skrill
2nd place – €100 Skrill
3rd place – €50 Skrill
4th place – €20 Skrill

5th – 17th place – €10 Skrill
2.0.Choosing the Winners
-The winners will be determined by the highest monthly Profit.
-The tipster must have a Positive Profit to win any Money Prize.
-The tipster must have a min. 50% Hit Rate to win any Money Prize. (Removed)
3.0.Pick Rules
3.1.Minimum 15 picks/month with Description / Preview.
3.8.Picks with description are counted for this competition (~50 words in English – do not Copy-Paste).

IMPORTANT: Tipsters that don’t have a Skrill account, must open a new account through this link in order to receive the prize.

Advantages of this competition:
-Real Money Prizes in your Skrill account
-Prizes till 17th place
-€500 Prize Pool

**Read the General Rules
*Rules Changes: Any rule may be added, removed or changed at any time. If you have any suggestions, please Contact us

See Standings

31 comments to Tipster Competition – Active
  • zexy1990  says:

    Admn I see some tipsters have double prediction of same market at same fixture ,like he predict two games but one fixture Arsenal vs Liverpool and then bet over 2.5 twice what is going on.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      They are to lazy to read the rules. Their picks will be deleted and they will be temporarily or forever disabled.

  • zexy1990  says:

    How can I correct results when I know that I enter wrong scores

  • masterofbet777  says:

    How do I proceed if I put the wrong prognosis and the correct odds? More specifically, I played over 1.5 goals and not over 2.5 goals …

    Riga – RFS…

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Unfortunately it will remain 2.5 goals – to avoid this situation, write in your preview clearly over 1.5 or your prediction

      • masterofbet777  says:

        Ok. I m sorry.

  • sinnet  says:

    Its there a bug on Bettorsclub??? Site seems to me have some problems

  • salahsyh  says:

    When and where will we have to fill in the info for receiving prizes for January 2019?

  • masterofbet777  says:

    I was tired … I dangled Dordrecht with Eindhoven, it’s happening!

    • Bettors Club  says:

      The title and preview was wrong so best we can do is to delete the prediction to not affect your hit rate.

  • masterofbet777  says:

    Why did I get +2.70 at Fenebahce? It’s not fair, I’ve had a bigger share, or … I accidentally got the 1.30 share! I played over 4!

    • Bettors Club  says:

      You can also find the answer in the prediction: Odds were much lower than 5.4 at the time you made your pick! Read rule 3.13!

      • masterofbet777  says:

        Admine, I took at Unibet, Total Asiatics, over 4 goals, and at the time I wrote the prognosis and analysis…and that was the cotes. From now on, to have something in my hand, I’m going to print out when I play the game. Good Luck!

        • Bettors Club  says:

          Other tipsters can check oddsportal and will blame us for not checking odds. When adding a prediction to be safe add the odds from oddsportal, flashscore or our livescore.

  • salahsyh  says:

    Is creating bet365 accounts must to win prizes at Easy skrill and Active tipster competition?

  • oghifo  says:

    Plz activate tipster menu

  • marthajohn14  says:

    @Admin, hope am not the only noticing that the tipster portaltip and ivantsochev are one and the same person? I think He’s using IP changer to change his location and trying to scam the site. He’s trying to change the language but there is enough trace to notice he is the same person, today was the first time portaltip brought just one pick, so he could have enough time to post games on ivantsochev. The usual ivantsochev automatically is posting up to 20 games in a roll, like he has been sleeping since. Plz look into it. Thank you

    • marthajohn14  says:

      The tipster portaltip have been trying to avoid the Over/under market at his other account ivantsochev until it got to the month end then he realise he has to revert to his favorite market tip of Under/Over goals because that is the only market that works well for him. “The goal market” to be able to occupied but 1st and 2nd place. Please look it up. He consistently used the word “because” while writing his preview.

      • Bettors Club  says:

        When receiving prizes, they need to have different accounts for Skrill, Neteller, bet365 and betboro. Those accounts are verified, especially at bet365. So as far as we noticed they are two different tipsters.

  • eagleeyes  says:

    Busan park win

  • helyz  says:

    Manchester united vs Anderlecht – 1

    • qwe123  says:

      Your winning rate is guaranteed… I want to cooperate with you!

  • talanlukin  says:

    Stoke city -0.5

  • talanlukin  says:

    Augsburg 0

  • talanlukin  says:

    Besiktas JK +1

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