High Risk Tipster 2xr (second account)

The High Risk Tipster 2xr second account is great for the tipsters that like big odds and make high risk predictions. The advantage is that your normal account will be a safe inspiration for other users and on the 2xr account you can make high risk predictions and still win in a competition.

High Risk Tipster 2xr Rules

1. Second account will have the same username + 2xr. Example: username2xr
2. In the Tipster Profile at About it must say: 2xr High Risk Predictions
3. In a competition only one account will win. The first one in the standings
4. In order to win with the 2xr (high risk) account at any competition, the average odds for the 2xr account must be at least 3.00 and bigger than the average odds of the normal account
5. Same matches on both accounts will get you disqualified and will close your account
6. If the tipster doesn’t have predictions on the normal account in that month, the 2xr will not be taken into consideration in any competition.
7. Anyone can open the second account, just remember to ask for the approval by leaving a comment here, like this: username approve username2xr

Note: Tipster must open the second account by Sign Up and use another e-mail address.

Updated: 05.08.2020

92 comments to High Risk Tipster 2xr (second account)
  • flossin  says:

    flossin approve flossin2xr

  • hopy19  says:

    Hopy19 approve hopy192xr

  • gerrard06  says:

    gerrard06 approve gerrard062xr

  • egomax  says:

    egomax approve egomax2xr ,thanks

  • hard2math  says:

    hard2math approve hard2math2xr

  • ussinsider  says:

    ussinsider approve ussinsider2xr

  • oghifo  says:

    Oghifo approve oghifo2xr

  • freya  says:

    freya approve freya2xr

  • zexy1990  says:

    zexy1990 approve zexy19902xr

  • madonna  says:

    madonna approve madonna2xr

  • kichwa2xr  says:

    kichwa approve kichwa2xr

  • blackface12xr  says:

    blackface1 approve blackface12xr

  • makau  says:

    By request, having chopa or makau it’s a problem during statistics. I wrote email in June and I comment in June for the change.

  • jwaya  says:

    jwaya approve jwaya2xr

  • makau2xr  says:

    I sent you bettors.club with email requesting change of my normal account chopa to makau, because I couldn’t create chopa2xr account because the first trial verifying link was send to wrong proton mail.

    • makau  says:

      By request, I you may have forgotten to change my name from chopa to makau.

  • makau2xr  says:

    makau approve makau2xr.

  • besttips1  says:

    besttips1, approve besttips12xr

  • tiktok2xr  says:

    tiktok, approve tiktok2xr

    • masterofbet7772xr  says:

      4. In order to win with the 2xr (high risk) account at any competition, the average odds for the 2xr account must be at least 3.00 and bigger than the average odds of the normal account!!!
      Im sorry for you!

      • tiktok2xr  says:

        Why are You Sorry? and what sorry are you for?

        • tiktok2xr  says:

          Bitte sagen Sie uns, dass Sie im Urlaub auf dem Planeten Mars sind, denn hier auf der Erde endet der Mai mit 31 Tagen.

  • gatuso2xr  says:

    Hi can I pick the same match on both account but different results? on 1st account for example Win Home , on 2xr correct score ??????

    • Bettors Club  says:

      No. It’s in the rules:
      5. Same matches on both accounts will get you disqualified and will close your account

  • hamkam2xr  says:

    hamkam approve hamkam2xr

  • robi2xr  says:

    robi approve robi2xr

  • jayglitch2xr  says:

    How do I put this 2xr high risk account to participate in the skrill competition?…Or will it automatically participate in it since My main account jayglitch is in the skrill competition?…

    • Bettors Club  says:

      You log in your second account, add picks following these rules here and participate in all competitions like with the main account.

  • jayglitch  says:

    jayglitch approve jayglitch2xr

  • jayglitch  says:

    Hi…Do I ask for approval first before registering for the second 2xr account or do I register first?

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Just write the comment, as you did (jayglitch approve jayglitch2xr). That confirms you have read the rules

  • aliuza  says:

    How will I know the second account aliuza2xr has been approved, is there notification by any means?

    • Bettors Club  says:

      The second account is approved automatically, if there is a problem we will notify you or disable the second account.

  • aliuza  says:

    aliuza approve aliuza2xr

  • gatuso2xr  says:

    gatuso approve gatuso2xr

  • gatuso  says:

    Hello, Im gatuso, to have gatuso2xr I should register new account gatuso2xr from new mail, and text here?????

  • aliuza  says:

    Approve aliuza2xr

  • quqi  says:

    approve quqi2xr

  • hovi  says:

    hovi approve hovi2xr

  • salahsyh  says:

    Bdw do we need to fill Skrill email again on profile for the second account (2xr account)?

  • jaybee77  says:

    Approve jaybee772xr

  • guru2030  says:

    guru2030 approve guru20302xr

  • nopardon  says:

    nopardon approve nopardon2xr

  • emilvr2xr  says:

    emilvr approve emilvr2xr

  • toures2xr  says:

    toures approve toures2xr

  • igariok10  says:

    igariok10 approve igariok102xr

  • quqi  says:

    Quqi approve Quqi2xr

  • batistuta78  says:

    batistuta78 approve batistuta782xr

  • winchester  says:

    winchester approve winchester2xr

  • chans20192xr  says:

    chans2019 approve chans20192xr (bettors.club corrected)

  • feri  says:

    feri approve feri2xr

  • ocsy  says:

    ocsy approve ocsy2xr

  • Antaeus  says:

    Antaeus approve Antaeus2xr

  • babetko2xr  says:

    babetko approve babetko2xr

  • csatarid  says:

    csatarid approve csatarid2xr

  • spps2xr  says:

    spps approve spps2xr

  • ognjen89  says:

    ognjen89 approve ognjen892xr

  • pimpbeckham  says:

    pimpbeckham approve pimpbeckham2xr

  • shaysenberg2xr  says:

    Hello – it is a high risk (big odds) but it looks like you can not place picks over 20 odds. What are the maximum odds for high risk accounts?

  • prospurs19  says:

    Prospurs19 approve ProSpurs2xr

  • love1989  says:

    Approve love19892xr

  • salahsyh  says:

    salahsyh approve salahsyh2xr

  • nikolasrb93  says:

    nikolasrb93 approve nikolasrb932xr

  • masterofbet777  says:

    with prewiew or not?

  • nedaxx  says:

    nedaxx approve nedaxx2xr

  • genius376  says:

    genius376 approve genius3762xr

  • shaysenberg  says:

    shaysenberg approve shaysenberg2xr

  • victory14  says:

    Victory14 approve Victory142xr

    Anyway is there any minimum tips monthly for this 2xr?

  • masterofbet777  says:

    He tells me that this e-mail has already been registered, what do I do?

    masterofbet777 approve masterofbet7772xr

  • drzakladjenje  says:

    drzakladjenje approve drzakladjenje2xr

  • km4x  says:

    km4x approve km4x2xr

    • alettymer  says:

      Alettymer approve Alettymer2xr

  • gecal78  says:

    gecal78 approve gecal782xr

    • gecal78  says:

      I also can’t sign up with the second username because the system doesn’t allow me to register with the same e-mail address. What can i do???

  • liverpool  says:

    liverpool approve liverpool2xr

  • ivantsochev  says:

    ivantsochev approve ivantsochev2xr

  • toptip  says:

    toptip approve toptip2xr

  • faan  says:

    faan approve faan2xr

  • deni50  says:

    deni50 , approve deni502xr

  • alwex  says:

    alwex approve alwex2xr

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