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All picks Won Void Lost Half won Half lost
8785 3628 318 4494 200 145
Profit Yield Hit rate Average odds
-13748.70 -6.90 43.57 2.22
Time left Event Stake Prediction Odds Bookmaker
Soccer1d 11h 41m Belarus Neman vs Belshina 25 2 AH +0.5 1.93 Bet365
Soccer2d 8h 41m BelarusZhodino vs Energetik-BGU 24 1 AH -0.5 2.08 Bet365
Soccer2d 10h 41m BelarusGorodeja vs Din. Minsk 28 1 AH +0.5 1.78 Bet365
Soccer3d 11h 41m BelarusBrest vs Isloch Minsk 27 2 AH +0.75 1.80 Bet365
Date Event Stake Profit Result Bookmaker
Soccer09.04.2020 *InternationalReal Esteli vs Juventus Managua 1 pending Bet365
Soccer09.04.2020 *InternationalWalter Feretti vs Real Madriz 1 pending Bet365
Soccer09.04.2020 *InternationalDiriangen vs Chinandega 1 pending Bet365
Soccer08.04.2020 *InternationalManagua vs Deportivo Ocotal 1 pending Bet365
Soccer08.04.2020 *InternationalManagua FC U20 vs Ocotal U20 26 pending SboBET
Soccer08.04.2020 *InternationalSabanas U20 vs Jalapa U20 23 pending Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaRakety vs Stalnye Kabany 27 pending Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 *InternationalK-2 Wind vs Atlant-2 27 pending Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaChetyre Ronina vs Boevye Lisy 27 pending Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 BelarusAichyna vs Beltransgaz 27 pending Bet365
Soccer08.04.2020 *InternationalNaftan Novopolotsk vs Polotsk 2019 27 pending Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaSerp and Molot vs Kingstown 29 pending Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaReaktivatori vs Broneboytsy 27 pending Bet365
Soccer08.04.2020 BelarusSlavia Mozyr vs BATE Borisov 1 pending Bet365
Soccer08.04.2020 *InternationalCSKA Pomir Dushanbe vs Khujand 24 +24.24 won OddsRing
Soccer08.04.2020 *InternationalDushanbe 83 vs Istiqlol Dushanbe 26 pending OddsRing
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaIce Banda vs Moskovskiy Eshelon 27 -27 lost Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaMolotoboytsy vs Chetyre Ledokola 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaSerp and Molot vs Kingstown 28 -28 lost Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsy vs Reaktivatori 28 +21.00 won Bet365
Hockey08.04.2020 RussiaReaktivatori vs Kingstown 28 +21.00 won Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaChetyre Ronina vs Boevye Lisy 28 +21.00 won Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 BelarusMiksd Minsk vs Dinamo-Na-Strazhe 25 +15.00 won Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaLedyanye Voiny vs Rakety 27 -27 lost Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 BelarusSem Holmov vs Mif-XXI 30 +19.50 won Bet365
Soccer07.04.2020 BelarusDinamo Brest vs Shakhtyor Soligorsk 1 0 void Bet365
Soccer07.04.2020 BelarusSturm Mogilev vs MONP 29 -29 lost Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 *InternationalKings town vs Reaktivatori 27 -27 lost Bet365
Soccer07.04.2020 BelarusHimvolokno vs Bykhov 2018 29 -29 lost Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsy vs Serp and Molot 23 +26.45 won Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaMoskovskiy Eshelon vs Chetirie Ledokola 23 -23 lost Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaIce Banda vs Shest Trolleys 27 -27 lost Bet365
Volleyball07.04.2020 RussiaUral stars W vs Energy Ural W 20 -20 lost Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaSerp and Molot vs Reaktivatori 23 -23 lost Bet365
Soccer07.04.2020 *InternationalDushanbe 83 U21 vs Istiqlol Dushanbe U21 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsy vs Kings town 23 -23 lost Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaKings town vs Reaktivatori 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaSerp and Molot vs Broneboytsy 23 +23.00 won Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaKings town vs Serp and Molot 27 -27 lost Bet365
Hockey07.04.2020 RussiaReaktivatori vs Broneboytsy 25 -25 lost Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaStalnye Kabany vs Chetyre Ronina 29 -29 lost Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaBoevye Lisy vs Rakety 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Soccer06.04.2020 BelarusDnepr 2002 vs October 23 +25.30 won Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsi vs Serp and Molot 23 -23 lost Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaReaktivatori vs Kings town 27 -27 lost Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaIce banda vs Moskovskiy Eshelon 25 -25 lost Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaMolotoboytsy vs Shest Trolley 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaKings town vs Serp and Molot 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsy vs Reaktivatori 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaReaktivatori vs Serp and Molot 23 +26.45 won Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsi vs Kings town 23 +26.45 won Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaKings town vs Reaktivatori 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Hockey06.04.2020 RussiaSerp and Molot vs Broneboytsi 23 +26.45 won Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalFerretti vs Esteli 26 -26 lost Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalJalapa vs Chinandega 27 +22.41 won Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalFerretti U20 vs Esteli U20 26 +23.40 won Bet365
Hockey05.04.2020 RussiaChetirie Ronini vs Boevie Lisi 22 -22 lost Bet365
Hockey05.04.2020 RussiaLedena avoina vs Racketa 29 canceled Bet365
Hockey05.04.2020 BelarusLedovie Pyngvini vs Arena Minsk 27 -27 lost Bet365
Hockey05.04.2020 RussiaKings town vs Reaktivatori 25 -25 lost Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalDynamik vs Aigle Noir 25 -25 lost Bet365
Hockey05.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsi vs Serp and Molot 27 +21.60 won Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalOlympic S. vs LLB-S4A 28 -28 lost Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 BelarusVitebsk vs Smolevichi 24 +25.20 won Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalLokomotiv Pamir vs Faizkand 25 -25 lost Bwin
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalKhatlon vs Istaravshan 23 -23 lost OddsRing
Soccer05.04.2020 BelarusEnergetik-BGU vs FC Minsk 23 +26.45 won Bet365
Basketball05.04.2020 TaiwanJeoutai vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos 26 +23.40 won Bet365
Basketball05.04.2020 TaiwanPauian vs Taiwan Beer 25 -25 lost Bet365
Soccer05.04.2020 *InternationalJuventus Managua vs Diriangen 20 +30.00 won Bet365
Soccer04.04.2020 *InternationalReal Madriz vs Managua FC 22 +26.40 won Bet365
Soccer04.04.2020 *InternationalOcotal vs Sabanas 25 +25.00 won Bet365
Soccer04.04.2020 *InternationalJuventus Managua U20 vs Diriangen U20 26 +22.88 won Bet365
Soccer04.04.2020 *InternationalOcotal U20 vs Sabanas U20 24 -24 lost BetBoro
Soccer04.04.2020 BelarusDinamo Brest vs Slavia Mozyr 25 +24.50 won Bet365
Handball04.04.2020 BelarusGomel vs Meshkov Brest 26 +23.40 won Bet365
Soccer04.04.2020 *International Vital'O vs Le Messager Ngozi 27 -27 lost Bet365
Soccer04.04.2020 BelarusVitebsk 2 vs Smolevichi 2 23 -23 lost Bet365
Soccer04.04.2020 BelarusEnergetik-BGU 2 vs Minsk 2 25 +11.88 half won Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusLegion vs Command 29 canceled Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusBeli zvezdi vs Uruchie 06 Minsk 30 canceled Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaIce war vs Stalnya Kabana 27 0 void Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 Belarus7 region vs Fonix Minsk 27 canceled Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusStarTrek vs Park 30 canceled Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusBelopochta Minsk vs Granitservice.by 29 canceled Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaFour Ronin vs Racketa 27 -27 lost Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusLFK Dinamo vs Genti 25 -25 lost Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusTimeoutclub vs Skorost Minsk 25 +25.00 won Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusA-100 vs Pis Daks 25 canceled Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusPolesia-Gomselmash vs Fortuna Gomel 26 canceled Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusBoromi Minsk vs Penalka Minsk 26 canceled Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 Belarus7 Tonn vs Gatovo 23 -23 lost Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 BelarusYunost Minsk vs Soligorsk 27 +21.60 won Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusMachulishchi vs Lak Minsk 25 canceled Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusOne Way vs MPR 27 canceled Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaReaktivatori vs Broneboytsi 25 -25 lost Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusBelshina vs Gorodeja 24 -24 lost Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaSerp and Molot vs Kingstown 29 +20.30 won Bet365
Basketball03.04.2020 TaiwanPauian vs Jeoutai 26 +22.36 won Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusSachter Soligorsk 2 vs Neman 2 20 -20 lost Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaIce band vs Moscow Eshelon 27 -27 lost Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusBATE 2 vs Rukh Brest 2 18 +31.50 won Bet365
Soccer03.04.2020 BelarusBrest 2 vs Slavia Mozyr 2 23 +26.45 won Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaMolotoboytsi vs Four Ledokola 27 -27 lost Bet365
Basketball03.04.2020 TaiwanBank of Taiwan vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos 27 -27 lost Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaBroneboytsi vs Kingstown 27 -27 lost Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaSerp and Molot vs Reaktivatori 27 +21.60 won Bet365
Hockey03.04.2020 RussiaReaktivatori vs Kingstown 28 -28 lost Bet365
Picks / Month Won Void Lost Half won Half lost
82 39 2 40 1 0
Profit Yield Hit rate Average odds
-84.23 -4.09 % 48.78 % 1.94

*Odds – Are not always accurate and can change.

6 comments comments to Verified Sports Tipster
  • marthajohn14  says:

    @Admin, hope am not the only noticing that the tipster portaltip and ivantsochev are one and the same person? I think He’s using IP changer to change his location and trying to scam the site.
    He’s trying to change the language but there is enough trace to notice he is the same person, today was the first time portaltip brought just one pick, so he could have enough time to post
    games on ivantsochev. The user ivantsochev automatically is posting up to 20 games in a roll, like he has been sleeping since. Plz Bettors.club look into it. Thank you

    • Bettors Club  says:

      The two tipsters are 2 different persons, they have different accounts at skrill, neteller, bet365 and betboro. The accounts are verified, especially at bet365. So please, both of you, act like professionals, it’s one month, the prizes will be every month.

  • marthajohn14  says:

    The tipster portaltip have been trying to avoid the Over/under market at his other account ivantsochev until it got to the month end then he realise he has to revert to his favorite market tip of Under/Over goals because that is the only market that works well for him. “The goal market” to be able to occupied but 1st and 2nd place. Please look it up. He consistently used the word “because” while writing his preview.

  • portaltip  says:

    Stop crying, if you are bad in predickting game its not our fault.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      You are all good tipsters, it’s just one month, the prizes will be next month as well. So be professional.

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