Easy Skrill Tipster Competition – Active

The Easy Skrill Tipster Competition – See Standings
The winners will be announced in the News section or here.

Real Money Prizes offered by Bettors.Club!

In this month we will give away to the Best Tipsters prizes up to €200. The participation is FREE and prizes will be rewarded in the tipster’s Skrill account.

This is the Easy Skrill tipster competition that bettors.club is hosting, but tipsters can also participate in other active tipster competitions that may be hosted on the site. The rules are the same, the only differences are the prizes and the way we choose the winners.

1st place – €70 Skrill
2nd place – €35 Skrill
3rd place – €15 Skrill

4th – 11th place – €10 Skrill
2.0.Choosing the Winners
-The winners will be determined by the highest monthly Profit.
-The tipster must have a Positive Profit to win any Money Prize.
3.0.Pick Rules
3.1.Minimum 30 picks/month with NO Description / Preview.
3.8.Picks without a description are counted for this competition.

IMPORTANT: Tipsters that don’t have a Skrill account, must open a new account through this link in order to receive the prize.

Advantages of this competition:
-Real Money Prizes in your Skrill account
-Prizes till 11th place
-No Description / Preview needed

**Read the General Rules
*Rules Changes: Any rule may be added, removed or changed at any time. If you have any suggestions, please Contact us

See Standings

16 comments to Easy Skrill Tipster Competition – Active
  • goldenbrown  says:

    I’m new and I’m interested in how to go play

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Firstly Read the Dashboard and Rules. After that in the Dashboard click on New Pick and you will be redirected to add some info about you, especially your Country being a new Tipster. Click update and once again New Pick to add a prediction.

  • 1barcelona  says:

    How can I join skrill competition. Am I late

    • Bettors Club  says:

      You can join, you just have to read rules and add the amount of picks in the competition month.

  • qwe123  says:

    Hello, may I cooperate with you? I am in China.. I hope you can sell me the results of your analysis.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      We don’t sell predictions, but you can leave a comment on the the tipsters page.

  • masterofbet777  says:

    Hi! My choice was over 1.5 goals in the first half. How am I doing? You can check the quota!

    Newtown – Llandudno

  • masterofbet777  says:

    Hi! I m new here! I would like to participate only for the skrill competition, can it? … because because of the Romanian legislation I can not activate at Pinacle or Betboro, but at skrill!

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Hello! We have tipsters from Romania, you can participate in the Netller TC, bettors.club TC and Easy Skrill TC. Just Read the general rules and the rules of those 3 competitions. Have fun!

  • elitetips  says:

    Where are the winners from August?

  • liverpool  says:

    Where is the standings for this competition? I want to see other tipsters results.

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