Easy Skrill Standings

3.0.Pick Rules
3.1.Minimum 30 picks/month with NO Description / Preview.
3.8.Picks without a description are counted for this competition.
Updated: 0d 1h 37m
# Tipsters All picks Won Lost Average odds Profit
∼ 1Romaniahovi5202832081.89886.02
∼ 2Serbianikolasrb934323202.59236.91
∼ 3*Internationalgecal783824121.90234.61
∼ 4Russiaspps12458552.29157.09
∼ 5Bulgariapetkoff2481041262.43134.66
# 6Nigeriaaero226341201.65132.79
# 7Vietnamzhinfuncvn9511.96120.33
∼ 8Albanianistaone4926232.15101.49
# 9Bulgariakrasilala3118132.0281.99
# 10Canadazeky191361.7071.75
∼ 11Russiagleblack2912173.2656.25
∼ 12-Africachiro8814851.8445.15
∼ 13Kenyafutbal254181071.8443.02
∼ 14Russiagoldenleo4123171.8342.02
# 15Hungaryfaan18972.1132.20
# 16Portugalnaturis2102.6827.94
∼ 17Croatiapimpbeckham1101.7521.00
∼ 18Kenyanawoo2111102.2616.20
# 19Nigeriaoghifo1101.3412.58
# 20Nigeriajwaya1101.3011.40
∼ 21Lithuaniawtrylika10641.692.70
∼ 22Lithuanianedaxx11651.852.12
∼ 23Serbiajacksparrow2112.060.98
∼ 24Germanydamir8431.77-6.35
# 25*Internationalpoisson15572.04-15.60
# 26Russiametafi16881.95-19.52
# 27Tunisiakamww1012.50-20.00
# 28Bulgariaivantsochev6243.24-20.25
# 29Portugalvieira3111.39-22.05
∼ 30Germanyfizzy1011.94-25.00
# 31Azerbaijanxose12201191.75-28.54
# 32Bulgariakm4x6331.75-28.86
∼ 33Bulgarianasko821011.57-30.00
# 34Ukrainemakar512771011.58-31.00
∼ 35Romaniagekas5131.89-48.00
# 36Portugalgimatu7252.51-53.32
∼ 37Romaniasportxtipstr19891.94-59.13
∼ 38Germanyshaysenberg196132.91-67.04
∼ 39Kenyasalahsyh3510243.18-76.09
∼ 40Germanybettingbluff932613131.79-86.62
# 41Bulgariachans20195628282.01-96.35
∼ 42Serbiadrzakladjenje226132.31-115.39
∼ 43Belgiumbruda5023271.99-152.91
# 44Bulgarialiverpool6626402.15-260.85
∼ 45Italyasenvandev284117221.76-270.82
# 46*Internationalhamkam16372872.11-290.67
# 47Croatiamaraskino11338752.77-351.81
# 48*Internationalussinsider3211211.72-368.42
# 49Bulgariasoccerfan17759972.33-445.70
11 comments to Easy Skrill Standings
  • chans2019  says:

    Hello! My matches are not yet settled 7 for July 2019. How long will you need to arrange to participate in the Skrill race for the month. Thank you!

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Please read the whole Dashboard after you log in. To answer your questions: You must add your Results in in order to appear in the ranking.

  • 1barcelona  says:

    How can I add a tip

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Please read the Dashboard, you will find there info on how to add a prediction.

  • Rodilson Dias  says:

    Good mornig.If i made a tip with preview it counts for
    bettors.club competition and skrill also,or i have to choose which one i want it to count to?
    And if i don’t put preview ir goes straight for the skill competition?
    thank you.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      The tip with preview counts for bettors.club TC. For Easy Skrill TC you have to add another prediction without preview (different match) to count.

  • salahsyh  says:

    When will we receive prizes for last month

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Firstly the statistics will be made after the 20th and until the month ends the prizes will be sent.

  • salahsyh  says:

    Is it a must to write your country’s name?

  • bluess  says:

    Hi,I have some problems when I wrote the result of two tips ,both from basketball:
    Spain ACB 28.10.2018 Real Madrid – San Pablo Burgos : 90-77 / won
    South Korea KBL 25.10.2018 LG Sakers – Seoul Knights :78-79 / won.
    Please help me and correct,thank you .

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