Tipster Competition Winners for 04-2018

tipster competition winners

Here are the Tipster Competition Winners for 04-2018 for the Active Tipster Competitions.

First of all we want to congratulate our winners in all the competitions. For the last month we accepted under 50% Hit Rate for the Tipster Competition and for Easy Skrill the normal of 30 picks.

Don’t forget we have two Tipster Competitions for our supporters: Pinnacle Tipster Competition(200$) and betboro Tipster Competition(200€). We want to thank all the tipsters that support us by making an account at betboro and at pinnacle, so these competitions will be dedicated only for the tipsters who support

The prizes will be rewarded this month like always with a possible delay from betboro and pinnacle and we would kindly ask you to send an e-mail confirmation after you receive a prize. Or you can leave a comment down here.

Down below we have the screenshots with all the competitions standings and winners. Tipster Competition

betboro Tipster Competition

Pinnacle Tipster Competition

Neteller Tipster Competition

Easy Skrill Tipster Competition

Most Views Tipster Competition

Good luck to everyone next month!

41 comments to Tipster Competition Winners for 04-2018
  • 0snake  says:

    Skrill and Neteller prizes received. Thank you.

  • nikolasrb93  says:

    All prizes received! Thanks!

  • lasvegas  says:

    Everything is OK.
    Thank you.

  • makar51277  says:

    Pinnacle prizes received, thanks to Bettors Club.

  • makar51277  says:

    Skrill prizes received, thanks to Bettors Club.

  • alepou  says:

    Ok with Easy Skrill Prize. Thank You

  • footmind  says: and Easy Skrill prize received. Still waiting for Pinnacle prize. Thanks bettors teams!

  • satch  says:

    Hi guys
    Just to inform you that i received my prizes in Skrill and Neteller accounts for April. Thanks a lot.

  • liverpool  says:

    Skrill recieved!

  • jacksparrow  says:

    Prizes recieved. Thank you.

  • ivantsochev  says:

    I have just recieved my prizes in Skrill and Neteller accounts for April. Thank you, team!

  • hamkam  says:

    Skrill prizes received, many thanks to Bettors Club.

  • drzakladjenje  says:

    Money to come today in Skrill?
    Best regards!

  • elitetips  says:

    Hello, were prizes paid already? -i didnt get mines yet, just adskin

    • Bettors Club  says:

      At the moment no, sorry for the delay. They will arrive until this month ends.

      • elitetips  says:

        No problem just wanted to know, thank you once again for this great Competition!!

  • petkoff  says:

    petkoff : NOT&C for betboro, are you sure.
    Deposit 20 Euro and bet 20 Euro on 30.04.
    Can you check please….

  • alepou  says:

    In March Competition, i recieved a prize for Pinnacle. Now in April’s Competition, i noticed that i am out of prizes in Pinnacle due to No T&C. Why do i not get a prize in April’s competition ? Additionally, why i dont get a prize in Bettor’s.Club Competition ?

    • Bettors Club  says:

      At Pinnacle you didn’t won because in April you didn’t make at least 1 Real Bet at Pinnacle. And at Bettors.Club Tipster Competition – only picks with preview are taken in consideration.

      • alepou  says:

        You are not telling the truth.

        • Bettors Club  says:

          Can you send us a print screen? Pinnacle just confirmed us that you didn’t made a bet in April. You did however made a bet in May, which will be taken in consideration for May’s tipster competition.

          • alepou  says:

            It is ok now. I asked Pinnacle to inform me about April’s bets and said that there is no active bet in April. Sorry for all those accusations. Bettors Club your are right. I apologise for the incovinience caused. After the competition results, i guess only Easy Skrill prize is left for me to be awarded. Sorry for once again and thanks for all competitions.

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