betboro Tipster Competition – Finished

The betboro Tipster Competition – See Standings
The winners will be announced in the News section or here.

Who is Read here: betboro Review

This competition is dedicated to all tipsters that made an account through us at and want to support We want to reward those tipsters with Freebet prizes for their support. The bonus prize pool is €50 and all Freebets for this competition will be rewarded in the tipster’s

Besides the Tipster Competition, all tipsters will automatically participate in the betboro tipster competition. The rules are the same, the only difference is the prizes and the way we choose the winners.

1st place – €10 betboro
2nd place – €10 betboro
3rd place – €10 betboro
4th place – €10 betboro
5th place – €10 betboro
2.0.Choosing the Winners
2.1.The winners will be determined by the highest monthly Yield
2.2.The Tipster can have a Positive or Negative Profit to win a Prize
2.3.Tipsters must have the account opened through in order to receive a prize
3.0.Pick Rules
3.1.Minimum 10 picks/month with NO Description / Preview
3.8.Picks without a description are counted for this competition.
betboro Terms & Conditions
Players must have an betboro account in order to receive the prize.
*betboro reserves the right to deny any promotion offer for any customer for whatsoever reason. It might be breach of terms and conditions, shared IP/Devices, abuse of the promotions etc.

IMPORTANT: To have receive the prize you must open an account through Click here to open a new account.

How does it work? Example down below:

tipster 1.  115 Profit – account through others
tipster 2. 101 Profit – account through
tipster 3.   98 Profit – account through
tipster 4.   81 Profit – account through others
tipster 5.   57 Profit – account through
tipster 6.   30 Profit – account through others
tipster 7.    -3 Profit – account through

The Winners will be in this order:

1) tipster 2.   101 Profit – account through
2) tipster 3.    98 Profit – account through
3) tipster 5.     57 Profit – account through
4) tipster 7.      -3 Profit – account through

Advantages of this competition:
-Even if you have an unlucky month you can win a Freebet if you support
-Negative Yield/Profit still wins a prize
-No Description / Preview needed

-Unfortunately betboro bonuses will not be given to the following countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and all African countries.

**Read the General Rules
*Rules Changes: Any rule may be added, removed or changed at any time. If you have any suggestions, please Contact us

See Standings

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