Tipster Competition Winners for 01-2019

tipster competition winners

Here are the Tipster Competition Winners for 01-2019 for the Active Tipster Competitions.

First of all we want to congratulate our winners in all the competitions. For the last month we accepted all Hit Rates for the Tipster Competition and for Easy Skrill the normal of 30 picks.

Thanks to a tipster we discovered that some tipsters try to cheat their results. They did not succeed though because every pick modification / deletion is saved, also all results except the lost ones are verified. Tipsters will be penalized for January and February. Please Play Fair!

Don’t forget we have two Tipster Competitions for our supporters: Pinnacle Tipster Competition(200$) and betboro Tipster Competition(200€). We want to thank all the tipsters that support us by making an account at betboro and at pinnacle, so these competitions will be dedicated only for the tipsters who support

The prizes will be rewarded this month like always with a possible delay from betboro and pinnacle and we would kindly ask you to send an e-mail confirmation after you receive a prize. Or you can leave a comment down here.

Down below we have the screenshots with all the competitions standings and winners. Tipster Competition

betboro Tipster Competition

Pinnacle Tipster Competition

Neteller Tipster Competition

Easy Skrill Tipster Competition

Good luck to everyone next month!

32 comments to Tipster Competition Winners for 01-2019
  • Bettors Club  says:

    We want to thank all the tipsters that confirm their prizes! Really appreciate your kind words!

  • sara  says:

    I know my reply is late but I totally forgotten.I used my 10e prize and added another 10e and played some blackjack over 8 days in bet365 and made a very good profit about 174e.I just want to thank Bettors club for their amazing support to all tipsters and thank you for 10e prize.

  • soccerfan  says:

    Only Pinnacle not received.

  • salahsyh  says:

    What do you mean by No T&C

    • Bettors Club  says:

      No Terms & Conditions. Pinnacle and Betboro have some Terms & Conditions in order to win a bonus prize.

  • maraskino  says:

    Prize received,thanks!

  • jacktyler89  says:

    Prize received, thanks BC.

  • petkoff  says:

    Confirmation for Betboro, Skrill received.
    Thank you!!!

  • nedaxx  says:

    Prize received,thanks 🙂

  • kamww  says:

    Prize received, thanks BC 🙂

  • liverpool  says:

    Skrill and Neteller prizes received. Thank you bettors!

  • masterofbet777  says:


  • king  says:

    I understand and I’m sorry. My point was to deduct 50% prize of the tipster who forgot to put the info. Because in the end its not a big deal.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      We have made an exception because you added over 100 picks per month. We have sent you 10e.

  • Bettors Club  says:

    Dear Tipsters please stop commenting that you didn’t receive your prize when no one said that they received their prizes. Also this month did not end, the prizes will be there before this month ends, as usual.

    Also if it says a prize next to your username, then your info is there and you will receive a prize.

    • masterofbet777  says:

      Ok. Thanks!

    • drzakladjenje  says:

      Please, I need money till the end of 28.02.
      Must deposit in some bookie to get bonus.
      But today is last day for.
      Please, help me!
      Thanks in advance!

      • Bettors Club  says:

        Prizes were sent, the month did not end.

        • drzakladjenje  says:

          Yes, thank you. I received money.
          You are the best!

          Good luck !!!

  • bastille  says:

    Hi bettors team! I won 10E in bettors competition but i didnt receive the price in skrill. Why? (my information was already updated weeks ago)

    Thanks for everything.

  • masterofbet777  says:

    Did I pass my data?

  • solace1500  says:

    Wow!! How did I cheat?? Am almost certain I recorded every loss as a loss and every win as a win.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      We actually added your loss because you tried to cheat. Any details will be discussed by e-mail.

  • king  says:

    I’ve submitted my info (payment details). Please admins check it out.Cheers.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Unfortunately now it’s to late, one of the reasons that we announce the winners after the 20th of the next month is for new tipsters to have time to add their info.

      In the Dashboard it says:
      * Tipsters that don’t fill in the info for receiving prizes, will be given to the next tipster.

      • king  says:

        I thought I already put my info. I forgot. Humans makes mistakes.That’s too harsh.

        • Bettors Club  says:

          Harsh would be for us to make the statistics on the 1st or 2nd and ignore all tipsters that have Pending results or not filled their info. To remake the statistics it would not be fair to the rest of the tipsters that are ok.

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