Tipster Competition Winners for 03-2020

tipster competition winners

Here are the Tipster Competition Winners for 03-2020 for the Active Tipster Competitions.

First of all we want to congratulate our winners in all the competitions. For the last month we accepted all Hit Rates for the Tipster Competition and for Easy Skrill the normal of 30 picks.

bet365 Tipster Competition is still active for all tipsters! If you don’t have an account, you can support us by opening a bet365 through us.

Don’t forget we have a Tipster Competition for our supporters: Pinnacle Tipster Competition(200$). We want to thank all the tipsters that support us by making an account at pinnacle, so this competition will be dedicated only for the tipsters who support

The prizes will be rewarded this month like always with a possible delay from pinnacle and we would kindly ask you to send an e-mail confirmation after you receive a prize. Or you can leave a comment down here.

This month we have decided to reward another tipster, a tipster that is a bit unlucky. We looked at the bottom of the general statistics and found that he added over 17 000 predictions and amazingly he always reported his mistakes, added correct odds and correct results taking in consideration the amount of predictions. As an advice, it seems that you are doing OK on European Handicap being on # 2 / 89, try to focus on that. The reward consists in a badge and 50e Skrill prize that we hope it will change your luck. Check him out: hovi

Down below we have the screenshots with all the competitions standings and winners. Tipster Competition

bet365 Tipster Competition

Pinnacle Tipster Competition

Neteller Tipster Competition

Easy Skrill Tipster Competition

Good luck to everyone next month!

18 comments to Tipster Competition Winners for 03-2020
  • spap96  says:

    Prince bet365 received,thanks to Bettors Club.

  • Bettors Club  says:

    Big thanks to everyone that left a comment here!

  • gecal78  says:

    Why didn’t I receive at Bet365? Thanks

    • Bettors Club  says:

      You have to claim the prize in bet365. If you don’t know how, please contact bet365 support. If know how to claim it and the prize is not there, please tell us.

  • hovi  says:

    Prize received, thank you very much, hope I can improve my winning rate, will do my best.

  • hamkam  says:

    Prize received, many thanks to Bettors Club.

  • kalcium5  says:

    Neteller price received😏😏

  • soccerfan  says:

    All prizes received.

  • maraskino  says:

    prize received, thanks!

  • futbal254  says:

    Prices received thanks

  • acaklark  says:

    bet365 received. Thanks again.

  • zhinfuncvn  says:

    Skrill received, bet365 pending. When do me received at Bet365 ?


  • acaklark  says:

    Skrill received, bet365 pending. Thanks.

  • acaklark  says:

    Thanks again.
    I noticed another thing. In Tipster Competition last winner have 11 predictions with discription, but for that competition rule is minimum 15 picks/month with Description / Preview.

  • acaklark  says:

    Why am I bet365 Tipster Competition non runner, when I have bet365 account and I gave it on my profile?

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