Pinnacle Tipster Competition – Active

The Pinnacle Tipster Competition
The winners will be announced in the News section or here.

Who is Read here: Pinnacle Review

From 01.08.2017 we have a Sponsorship of $200 from The participation is FREE and prizes will be rewarded in the tipster’s account.

Besides the Tipster Competition, all tipsters will automatically participate in the bet365 tipster competition. The rules are the same, the only differences are the prizes and the way we choose the winners.

1st place – $50 at Pinnacle
2nd place – $30 at Pinnacle
3rd place – $20 at Pinnacle

4th – 13th place – $10 at Pinnacle
2.0.Choosing the Winners
2.1.The winners will be determined by the highest monthly Profit.
2.2.The Tipster can have a Positive or Negative Profit to win any Money Prize
2.3.Tipsters who opened an account through will have priority when choosing the winner.
3.0.Pick Rules
3.1.Minimum 10 picks/month with NO Description / Preview
3.8.Picks without a description are counted for this competition.

IMPORTANT: To have priority you must open an account through Click here to open a new account.

How does the Priority work? Example down below:

tipster 1 –  115 Profit – account through others
tipster 2 – 101 Profit – account through
tipster 3 –  98 Profit – account through
tipster 4 –  81 Profit – account through others
tipster 5 –  57 Profit – account through
tipster 6 –  30 Profit – account through others
tipster 7 –   -3 Profit – account through

The Winners will be in this order:

1) tipster 2 –  101 Profit – account through
2) tipster 3 –  98 Profit – account through
3) tipster 5 –  57 Profit – account through
4) tipster 7 –   -3 Profit – account through
5) tipster 1 – 115 Profit – account through others
6) tipster 4 –  81 Profit – account through others
7) tipster 6 –  30 Profit – account through others

Advantages of this competition:
-Even if you have an unlucky month you can win prizes
-Negative Yield/Profit still wins a prize
-Prizes till 13th place
-No Description / Preview needed

**Read the General Rules
*Rules Changes: Any rule may be added, removed or changed at any time. If you have any suggestions, please Contact us

Pinnacle Terms & Conditions
1.Players must have a verified Pinnacle account in order to withdraw.
2.Only one account per player and per household, any attempts to use multiple accounts in order to gain an unfair advantage will invalidate all connected entries.
3.Players must place a minimum of 1 Real Bet on Pinnacle during the competition period to qualify for any prize.
4.All prizes will be paid directly into the Pinnacle accounts of the winners.
5.The total amount of any cash prize must be wagered at least 3 times (3x rollover) before the prize amount may be withdrawn.
6.The tracking of results and the accuracy of the final results is the responsibility of the host website, not of Pinnacle.
7.In the case of any disputes, the decision taken by Pinnacle shall be final.

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