Tipster Competition Winners for 09-2017

Here are the Tipster Competition Winners for 09-2017 for the Active Tipster Competitions.

First of all we want to congratulate our winners in all the competitions. For this month we accepted a minimum 30% Hit Rate for the Tipster Competition.

The prizes will be rewarded this month like always with a possible delay from bet365, betboro and pinnacle and we would kindly ask you to send an e-mail confirmation after you receive a prize. Or you can leave a comment down here.

Down below we have the screenshots with all the competitions standings and winners. Tipster Competition

bet365 Tipster Competition

betboro Tipster Competition

Pinnacle Tipster Competition

Neteller Tipster Competition

Easy Skrill Tipster Competition

Most Views Tipster Competition

Good luck to everyone next month!

41 comments to Tipster Competition Winners for 09-2017

  • makar51277  says:

    Money recieved on skrill. Waiting for bet365. Thanks

    • Bettors Club  says:

      We appreciate your comment. At bet365 there will be a delay, but hopefully it won’t take long.

  • 0snake  says:

    Skrill and Neteller prizes are here. Still waiting for Bet365 prize.

  • petkoff  says:

    Everything is OK,only bet365 left

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Thanks you for confirming. Unfortunately Bet365 will have a delay, because they are very busy with the new bonus system.

  • drzakladjenje  says:

    Skrill money in few days ago. No Pinnacle, no Bet365……………

    • drzakladjenje  says:

      Pinnacle in as well…

      • Bettors Club  says:

        Thanks for confirming. Bet365 will have a delay, because they are very busy with the new bonus system

  • nikolasrb93  says:

    Money recieved on skrill. Waiting for pinnacle and bet365. I will update. Thanks 🙂

  • elitetips  says:

    money received on skrill thank you!

  • marthajohn14  says:

    This month prize received at skrill, thnkz

  • liverpool  says:

    Confirm, I recieved neteller prize.

  • satch  says:

    Thanks, i also received prizes at both neteller and skill account.

  • ussinsider  says:

    Thanks, prizes received at both neteller and skill account.

  • jacksparrow  says:

    Why am I reffered as No P/Bet for Pinnacle and NoBet for Betboro competitions when I opened my accounts on them through this site?

    • jacksparrow  says:

      Especially for Betboro where I already got few bonus rewards.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      At Pinnacle No P/Bet means No Priority or Bet. We have a list with the tipsters registered through us and made a real bet in the competition month and you were not in it. And at betboro you didn’t made a real bet. Please read the competition pages for Pinnacle and betboro.

      • jacksparrow  says:

        Ok than, the rules have obviously changed because I won a lot of betboro bonuses last months, but check this No Priority for Pinnacle because I opened my account on it through

        • Bettors Club  says:

          Yes, they had changed. If you place a bet at betboro and Pinnacle in the competition month, you will have priority and have a big chance to win a prize, because these competitions are for the tipsters that registered through

  • petkoff  says:

    What means for pinnacle competition – No P – 10e ???

    • Bettors Club  says:

      It means No Priority – that you didn’t open an account through

      • petkoff  says:

        So I can’t be part of the prizes because I had already old account in Pinnaclesports with my name and can’t open a new one… this is no fair.

        • Bettors Club  says:

          This is 100% fair, because we have different competitions for everyone, that is the point for more tipsters to win prizes. It’s not only Pinnacle or betboro, we have real money competitions, were we don’t have this rule and it’s real money, not a bonus. We have to do something for the ones that register through to be fair to them.
          And we don’t know why you are complaining, you will receive 10$ at Pinnacle and also you won at bebtoro 50e, Neteller 10e, 35e Total at Skrill and 10e at bet365…this is fair.

          • petkoff  says:

            Ok I see.

  • goldenleo  says:

    by what principle is the rating formed Easy Skrill Tipster Competition?

    • Bettors Club  says:

      3.1.Minimum 30 picks/month with NO Description / Preview. – You can see more details on the Easy Skrill Tipster Competition Page.

  • elitetips  says:

    What does No Priority mean?

  • acaklark  says:

    Why I didn’t win neteller reward? I have 9 win and 2 lost predictions and account email for neteller in profile setings. Thank you.

    • Bettors Club  says:

      The picks must be added with over 24h before the event starts for Neteller. See standings in Neteller Tipster Competition.

      • acaklark  says:

        Thanks, I didn’t read well 🙂 I receive Skrill reward, bet365 pending.

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