Tipster Competition Winners for 06-2017

Here are the Tipster Competition Winners for 06-2017 for the bettors.clubbet365betboro and Neteller Tipster Competitions.

First of all we want to congratulate our winners in all the competitions. But especially marcelomtk2 with an 100% Hit Rate and spooner a tipster who played for fun and added 83 predictions in the last month with good results.

The prizes will be rewarded this month like always and we would kindly ask you to send an e-mail confirmation after you receive a prize. Or you can leave a comment down here.

Down below we have a screenshot with the winners for the Tipster Competition, you can also see all the Tipsters statistics, just sort them by Profit and Last Month.

Total Prizes: €295

In the next screenshot we have the winners for the bet365 Tipster Competition, you can also see all the Tipsters statistics, just sort them by Yield and Last Month.

Total Prizes: €200 + €25 Extra Prizes

Next we have a screenshot with the winners for the betboro Tipster Competition. The determination is made by Profit and Priority.

Total Prizes: €140 + €35 Extra Prizes

Last but not least we have a screenshot with the winners for the Neteller Tipster Competition.

Total Prizes: €150

We encourage all tipsters to get over the 10 picks margin, because you can get rewarded, don’t give up. Here you got nothing to loose, you will win experience and you have a good chance to receive a prize. And don’t forget to have all the info filled in for the Prizes.

Good luck to everyone next month!

13 comments to Tipster Competition Winners for 06-2017

  • docelyes  says:

    all prizes recieved ( / betboro / bet365)
    thank you

  • jacksparrow  says:

    All prizes recieved. Thanks bettors.

  • docelyes  says:

    Skrill recieved ..
    Bet365 and Betboro : Not Yet

    Thank you

    • Bettors Club  says:

      Hello, for bet365 and betboro you have to claim them. Please verify if they are there.

      • docelyes  says:

        thank you for your reply .. i’ll do it right now

      • liverpool  says:

        bet365 paid, but betboro still not

  • klac  says:

    Prizes received Skrill, Betboro and bet365.Thank so much.

  • liverpool  says:

    Confirm I got the cash, waiting for bet365 and betboro!

  • marcelomtk2  says:

    Was a good month!! Just waiting for the prizes, but thank you for the competition and for the words here.

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